Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh, what a day!

Ball State isn't good for much, but what it is good for is socializing the Vera pup. With all the tours going on, small crowds of people, bell towers chiming, fountains fountaining, the campus ends up being the perfect place to take Vera for a walk. She's been there before but was more interested in the squirrels than the people-but today was different! We got coffee, she greeted all the groups with confidence, walked through the crowds with the both eyes on me, and was leaping after the leaves that were blowing in the wind. Our trip didn't last as long as I would of liked, but I think it was enough-especially since a storm came up!
Vera spent the evening then watching Dylan in agility class, then going to her own Canine Good Citizen class! A tired pup is a good pup...

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