Thursday, December 30, 2010

Vera's fetch game.

 Since Ver has been rockin' our new fetch game, and actually inviting ME to play, I thought that it was time to up the stakes a bit. While I've introduced all my girls to the concept of "hold" in the past, Vera has been the only one who will play without throwing a fit. This morning I started out by putting an apple on the other side of the living room and sending Vera for it. She promptly brought it back to hand. We did this a few times to get the groove on and her super excited (Vera loves to show off)  Then we switched paces a bit and I asked to to "take" the apple from me, which she did. This was about a 5 second hold until she hit me with it, like "what the heck?"  It took a while, and several tries, but she's now consistently holding the apple for about a minute. I know, I know, holding an apple seems like total torture, but I figure if she can hold an apple and adjust her bite accordingly and hold it through the waterfall of drool- we can move to birds relatively easy... we shall see!  I should add that Vera has always been a reliable retriever of birds and critters since she was a puppy, I'm just fine-tuning it now for future hunts and endeavors!

Ver's second hold lasted about 20 seconds. Yes, there was a puddle of drool.

Ver waiting semi patiently for me to ask her to "take it"

The last hold- ONE MINUTE of total torture.

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