Friday, December 31, 2010


WHEW! What a busy and fun way to end the year! We've been running around in manic mode, but couldn't be happier. Christmas came and went with our hike, some rabbit hunting, and some birdwork. Ver's grown into such an enthusiastic bird hunting machine this season and I'm super excited to see how she'll grow and change this coming year! She's such a fun and sassy little thing- I'm sure she'll be keeping me on my toes!

Cat hunting with the cat.

A moment's pause to watch Zig bound through the snow.

Tracking a rabbit. 

Checking out the old squirrel tree.

Sniffing out the squirrel den.

Checking out the furthest point on a fallen tree. 

"See ya!"

"Did you hear that?!"

Right before Sylvie jumped the fence. 

Pointing a rabbit that was in some thick sticky bushes.

Not so BFF, Ada. 

A beautiful swing into point.

And a well deserved retrieve!

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